Dr. Spence has retired, and the office is now closed for business. Please read on...

To My Patients,

After 33 years, the time has come for me to close my practice. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed
being entrusted with your oral health care. I started seeing patients here in October 1985, and it didn't take
long to understand a special bond develops between dentist and patient. I've been seeing third
generations of some families for some time now!!  THANK YOU for your confidence in me.

Knowing this, I wanted to find a dentist I could recommend to you without reservation. I consulted two
dentists I have confidence in and have referred patients to over the years. Each, independent of the other,
suggested Dr. Curtis Crandall. Each had worked closely with him, as they had with me, and could not
recommend him highly enough. One, my brother Robert, has treated patients in his office, as necessary,
for 15 years. I have gotten to know Curtis over the last few months and I can recommend him to you without
reservation. He and I have much the same practice philosophy and both of us foster a "family" atmosphere
in the office.  You will find it will be a smooth transition. As a bonus his office is 5 minutes away. More
importantly,  I know you will be in good hands, he will be my dentist, too.

My doors will close at 3pm, December 19, 2017.

I will then deliver your records to Dr. Crandall at 1410 14th St. Plano. His office number is
972-423-4595 and he will be responsible for any subsequent treatment. Call the same number
for any emergencies, 972-423-4595.

My website will have all this contact information plus pictures of Dr. Crandall and his team with a link to his
website. Also, I will be available to Dr. Crandall during this transition if he or you have any questions for

I've had nothing but pure enjoyment and cannot thank you enough for the confidence you've shown in me
over the years. I'll be around town and don't hesitate to come up and say "hi" if you see me.

Best always,

Dr. Richard M. Spence, DDS
POSTED 11/21/17 - by Dr. Spence:

In May, we celebrated Sylvia's 18th year here as our Hygienist.

We have been very lucky having someone so gentle, talented and dedicated.

I want to thank her especially for her calm demeanor and friendly smile
all the many times I would run behind and create a bit of chaos in her
schedule for the day. "Sorry about running you behind once again,
Sylvia!" rolls off my tongue very easily, now, I said it so many times.

It was she who had a very large part in fostering the "family" atmosphere
we all desired for the office. Sylvia was the person patients interacted with
for treatment two, sometimes three, times a year and her warm, caring
personality always won them over. She turns patients into friends very easily.

Many, many, many patients commented to me how special she was to them.

Well, she was special to me too, because it was her commitment, sincere
concern, and then her gentle talent with patients that helped build and
maintain our practice.

Along those lines, Sylvia has a unique gift with kids. The extra time she
spent teaching and working with a generation of "our" kids has helped
them onto the road leading to a lifetime of good oral hygiene and
subsequent better overall health. They have a great foundation due to Sylvia.

Thank you, Sylvia, for over 18 years of your smiles, enthusiasm and talent.
I couldn't have had a better person or Hygienist.

Dr. Spence
Please help us Celebrate Dawn Thompson's 20th Year at Richard M. Spence, DDS!
Posted 2/1/17: Please take a moment to read this message from Dr. Spence:
POSTED 11/21/17 - by Dr. Spence:

In April of this year we marked Kelly's 18 year as my assistant. What a breath
of fresh air she was from day one. She prolonged my career, I can tell you that
for sure.

Since Dawn had joined me in 1997, we had gone through a series of
assistants so quickly we decided to sit down and discuss what we were
doing wrong in our process of hiring. We settled on the the fact we were
compromising quality for availability. So, we decided to use one temporary
assistant (Hi, Ralucca!!... who was fantastic but was enrolling in Graduate
School) and keep interviewing till we could hire Quality without compromise.

Well, 6-7 months later, Kelly called about our opening for an assistant. By
this point, Dawn and I had a pretty good process designed not to waste
everybody's time. Dawn would talk with them by phone, and then in person
if promising, then if warranted, I would interview them right then. I did not
interview more than 2 or3 at the most thanks to Dawn's keen understanding
of what kind of person we needed.

Phone contact went great. In person with Dawn was so overwhelming,
Dawn couldn't get to my office fast enough. Her words, and I can still
rememeber them, were, " YOU NEED TO TALK TO KELLY.... NOW!"

It was almost a shout and pretty close to a demand. The big smile on her
face gave me a clue this one was Special. Kelly and I  talked and visited and
ask questions to each other for a 15-20 minutes and she left. About 10
seconds after the front door closed, Dawn and I were discussing what we
had just experienced and about a 5 minutes later, Dawn called Kelly asking
when she could start. I did not want her to interview with another, I just knew if she did, I would be too late.

That was about 18 1/2 years ago. And special she was/is. And it goes beyond her exceptional skills as an assistant. Always a smile, never a bad day, always prepared and on
time, always doing more than required, never still, always busy helping. And, every day, with every patient such a nice, calming persona that cannot be taught, it is just inate with
Kelly. All this in one person was something new and she quickly assumed more and more duties and easily slipped into the roll of Treatment Cooridinator, assuming many
patient-to-patient and day-to-day tasks from me.

I want to give one last thank you to Kelly for one last and best feature: fostering a very relaxing chairside experience for everybody. It starts with Kelly. Patients can "feel' if there is
tension in the air. Every day, every patient, Kelly was prepared and dedicated to one ideal, working with me, together, for the benifit of the patient. I can speak for all our patients on
this point and say, "Job well done". We've heard it over and over with patients about how easy and comfortable their treatment experience was, well, it all started and ended with
Kelly. Thank you.

She is THE BEST and I cannot thank her enough for 18 1/2 great years.

Dr. Spence
Please meet Curtis A. Crandall, D.D.S.
Effective December 19, 2017
(retirement date for Dr. Spence), all
of our patient dental records have
been delivered to
Dr. Crandall at
1410 14th St. Plano.

His office number is 972-423-4595
and he will be responsible for any
subsequent treatment.

Call the same number for any
emergencies, 972-423-4595.
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